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  • 執筆者の写真Marre

7. Press Conference at the National Theater.

After meeting with Pastor-Z, I headed to the National Theater for a press conference organized by by the National Theater starting from 3 pm.

Personnel from the Ethiopian Tourism Board and the person in charge of the event from the  National Theater also attended the press conference and introduced themselves.

A lot of cameras were there.

Why Ethiopia? someone asked.  I talked about Japan’s roots and how it is similar to Ethiopia.

Although it had been two days since we arrived, I felt that I was being reunited with a good old Japanese people. The ambience changed, and I felt I was in a very sacred place. I realized that they were pleased with my statements.

We performed the intro of the Ethiopian hit song, “Nanu Ney” focusing on only the Japanese acoustic musical instruments. Their serious faces turned into joyous smiles, and they cheered for us. We realized that we can please people if we play their songs.



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