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1. The First Group is Ready to Head to Ethiopia❗️

We took a direct flight to Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airways.

Our departure was delayed more than an hour due to a typhoon. Despite being a direct flight, we still had to stop in Hong Kong.

Many Chinese got off the flight but more than twice as many came aboard. This was reminiscent of our Taiwan tour back in February. It seems that many Chinese are going to Ethiopia. It is a direct flight from Narita - Addis Ababa, but most of the passengers were Chinese. Ethiopian Airlines is hoping for more Japanese to travel with them.

Ethiopian Airlines has sponsored our tour and exempted all the excess charges for extra luggage so we could take all of our equipment.

Our relationship has been growing since we performed at the anniversary party for the Ethiopian Airlines-Japan-first-direct-flight. We have been gaining their trust.





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