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Ethiopia, with its mystical essence, has the most world heritage sites of any African country.  

This hero of Africa lies 10,253 km from Tokyo as the crow flies.

It is the only country in Africa, the center of Pan-Africanism, which has never been colonized by a European country. 


In autumn 2017, HEAVENESE received support from the Japan Foundation, and we carried out our tour of Ethiopia in order to fulfill the mission of 'civilian diplomacy' sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


Ethiopia is one of the places where the current Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited for their honeymoon. This country is that special to Japan.

This African Lion, which claims to be the decedent of the ancient Israelite sage, King Solomon, has the world's oldest imperial family with a history of over 3,000 years and is followed by the Cherry Blossoms of the Far East which boasts a 2,600-year-old long-standing imperial family.



We determined in our hearts that the purpose of this trip would be to reconstruct the bridge of friendship that the two royal families once had and to open the door for further development of the relationship between the two countries. 

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